RAD Transport Reviews

Want to ship a car, but aren't sure about which firm has the best offers? Well, RAD Transport Auto Transport Company handles all sorts of cars there are without exceptions. It has dealt with construction machines, very long vehicles, luxury cars, whatever you need to have delivered, it can help. Let alone the fact that you can easily supervise this whole task in your own home.If you're wondering about how secure the vehicle is going to be in the course of transportation, rest assured that RAD Transport will make that a top priority. Consequently once you get the vehicle into its container, it is secured tightly with wooden blocks. All things shall be checked and double checked before leaving Neptune Beach, FL.

RAD Transport is an expert at assisting its customers sell or purchase automobiles abroad. Many clients either deal or collect certain kinds of vehicles and it is in the very best interest of the firm to assist with that process as much as possible. Because of the company's kindness, one customer wrote: "I figured it would be harder to purchase an automobile from Neptune Beach, FL, especially since I never got a chance to meet up with the owner in person, but with RAD Transport the deal went without problems and I was also satisfied that the vehicle was in such excellent condition, regardless of the long journey". It's also common that customers will ship cars to individuals as gifts, like this other man: "Not only did I send my father an incredible performance car, but I assessed the transport just right so that he would get it on his birthday".

Today, few people take a holiday without their personal vehicle. With RAD Transport you can also send your own mobile home ahead so that you can feel much more at home no matter where your getaway destination may be. Many people are presently doing this, since mobile homes are becoming ever more popular. The single thing you must concern yourself with will be the preparation of your stay. You need to have your mobile home already in the trailer park before getting there. Are you still not sure about the great service? Simply check with RAD Transport's pleased clients! Not only will they tell you that the process went smoothly, but that the prices were incredibly convenient. There is no superior offer throughout Florida.

RAD Transport Auto Transport Company always will try to notify its customers with regards to everything. Get your car examined and book a container online or by phone. With all the paperwork in order, you can be sure that the shipment is going to get there without troubles. Any kind of slow downs will likely not be more than a day.